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October 2018 – A new, large sculpture has just been added to Anthony’s collection of bronzes – a leaping Marlin. In this piece Anthony has sought to capture the explosive power of these incredible fish. Visit the gallery page to see more details about the sculpture.



September 2018 – A new sculpture – a life-sized King Penguin! This is one of Anthony’s favourite species, having spent several months living alongside these amazing birds in both South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. Visit the gallery page to see more details about the sculpture.




May 2018 – Anthony has just returned from 2.5 months travelling in South and Central America. During this time he observed many wonderful species and has gained a lot of inspiration for new sculptures. Updates on new works will be posted on the Facebook Page.




January 2018 – A new year and some new sculptures! Visit my gallery page to see new bronze sculpture editions that have just been released.




November 2017 – Anthony has just unveiled his portrait bust of Sir Ernest Shackleton at the South Georgia Museum at Grytviken, on the island of South Georgia. The bust will now be on permanent display at the museum, just a couple of hundred meters from the final resting place of the great man himself.



June 2017 – A new Videos Gallery page has been added featuring 360-degree turntable videos of a selection of Anthony’s bronze sculptures.




June 2017 – Anthony has recently completed a new ‘Walrus Bust’ sculpture, based on his observations in the Arctic. The sculpture is now at the foundry being cast in bronze.



April 2017 – Following a very successful two and a half months in the Antarctic, Anthony is now back in the studio working on new sculptures and casting more work at the foundry.



December 2016 – A new series of sculptures inspired by the icebergs of the polar regions.




December 2016 – Anthony’s portrait bust of Sir Ernest Shackleton is now cast and finished!




November 2016 – Anthony has recently finished working on a portrait bust of Sir Ernest Shackleton, which is now at the foundry being cast in bronze.




October 2016 – A Facebook page has just been launched for Anthony Smith Sculpture. By ‘liking’ this page you will be kept up-to-date with images from Anthony’s current projects, research trips and behind the scenes images from the foundry. Don’t forget to click ‘Like’, and please feel free to share!



September 2016 – Anthony has returned from two months travelling in the Arctic; sculptures from his Arctic Series can be found in the Animal Gallery.




September 2016 – A new casting of Anthony’s life-sized statue Girl In Flowing Dress has just been delivered and successfully installed at a major new property development in Seattle, USA.




June 2016 – Two new sculptures have just been added to the Animal Gallery.




January 2016 – Anthony has just returned from two months traveling in Antarctica. He is now back in the studio and working on a new series of bronze sculpture inspired by his visits to the polar regions… watch this space! (Images from Anthony’s voyages in the Arctic and Antarctic can be seen on his Photography Website).




November 2015 – Two new sculptures from the ‘South Georgia Series’ have been personally delivered by Anthony to the South Georgia Museum in Grytviken, where he previously worked as the artist in residence (2013-14). Proceeds from the sales of these works will go to support the South Georgia Heritage Trust and the fine work that they are doing to preserve the natural and historical heritage of this remarkable island.

May 2015 – Two new sculptures have been added to the Human Figure Gallery, and one to the Animal Gallery.




April 2015 – Anthony’s life-sized portrait bust of the great 19th century naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace is due to be unveiled at the National Botanic Garden of Wales on the 15th of May.



November 2014 – Anthony has joined the polar expedition cruise company Poseidon Expeditions as the company’s official Artist and Photographer on trips to the Arctic and Antarctic. He will be joining the ship ‘Sea Spirit’ for several trips in the Arctic during the summer/autumn 2015, and the Antarctic from Nov-Jan 2015/16. Anthony will be sculpting on board, presenting talks on sculpture and photography, and leading photography workshops – he is already looking forward to studying the fascinating birds and mammals of the polar regions, and the new sculptures that will result from these exciting trips!




November 2014 – Two new bronzes from Anthony’s ‘South Georgia Series’ are now complete and images can be found in the Animal Gallery section.




October 2014 – Anthony is delighted to hear that his statue of Alfred Russel Wallace has been shortlisted for the prestigious Marsh Award for Excellence in Public Sculpture.




July 2014 – The newly designed ‘Clementi Medal for Economics‘ has been presented for the first time by Sir David Clementi at Winchester College.

June 2014 – Anthony has been commissioned to create a bronze portrait bust for the National Botanic Garden of Wales.

June 2014 – The new ‘Guinea £2 coin’, designed and sculpted by Anthony Smith, is now in circulation the United Kingdom.




March 2014 – The Kenneth Clark Prize medal, designed and sculpted by Anthony, has been added to the British Museum’s national collection of coins and medals.

January 2014 – Anthony has returned from his role as Artist In Residence on the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia. Under the sponsorship of the South Georgia Heritage Trust, Anthony spent two-months living at the old whaling station of Grytviken, taking photos, sketching, painting and developing designs for a new series of sculptures. Thanks to the generosity of the Abercrombie & Kent travel company, he was also able to visit the Antarctic Peninsula, and his experiences there will also be forming a substantial part of his upcoming work. (Images from this residency can be seen here).

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