Commissioning a Portrait Bust


Anthony creates bronze portrait busts for public institutions and private individuals:



Sculpting Process

Anthony can work from live sittings, in which he takes key measurements and photos in order to create the finished sculpture in his studio. Alternatively, when this is not possible, he can work from pre-existing photographic and video reference – this is the method by which he has created accurate portraits of historical figures.


Anthony sculpting a portrait using existing reference materials.


Anthony will begin by discussing exactly what is required from the sculpture in order to come up with a design concept. Once this is decided upon it will normally take a couple of months to create the clay sculpture from which the mould will be made. The casting and finishing of the bronze will then take a further 2-3 months. It is therefore wise to budget approximately 6 months for the entire process.


Price Guide

Exact prices depend on the scale and complexity of the piece:

– Life-size bronze portrait busts from €6000
– Life-size statues from €30,000

Prices listed on this website are all inclusive of VAT at 9%, which is payable for sales made within the EU. Any exports outside of the EU will not require this duty, but there may be additional duties when the sculpture is imported; click here for more information regarding shipping and VAT.



For more information please contact Anthony via the Contact Page,, or +31 644099965.


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