All of Anthony Smith’s bronze sculptures can be delivered worldwide, from small works to large statues. The sculptures will be securely wrapped, packaged, insured and shipped with an international delivery company. Online tracking details will be emailed to the recipient.

Delivery Costs & VAT

Packing and insured delivery is charged at cost. Original bronze sculptures (HTS tariff code: 9703) are exempt from import duties in many countries, including USA. Please check the Customs and Imports tariff for your country. The prices on this website include VAT at 9%, which can be deducted for any sculptures being shipped outside of the EU.

Sending Outside EU

The following is an example of the costs for packing and delivery of a medium-sized bronze sculpture to a country outside the EU that does not charge import duty on original sculptures, such as USA / Australia / Canada:

  • Price listed on website:  €3500 including VAT (for example)
  • 9% VAT can be deducted because the sculpture is being exported outside the EU:  €3500 / 1.09 = €3211
  • Packing and insured delivery with UPS / DHL (~8kg box):  €200
  • Import duty:  zero
  • Total cost of sculpture, including delivery:  €3411  (USD ~$3510 at August 2022 rate)

For quotes for specific pieces please contact the Artist.

Please note: import duties and tariffs can change. Please check the relevant duty for importing original bronze sculptures to your country before ordering (HTS tariff code: 9703).

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